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Want to see just the new cards? Click here. Christmas & Holiday cards with Logos for Commercial, Business and Personal from LYNMAR are the ideal choice when you want to send holiday greetings or celebrate a special occasion! Choose from a wide array of holiday favorites, including Thanksgiving cards, Religious (Christian & Hanukkah) cards, Christmas cards, New Year’s cards, Calendar cards and more. We have cards to fit every budget, and our customer service is second to none.

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retractable hand banner

If you want to cheer on your team or advertise your brand you have come to the right place for retractable hand banners.  We offer hand banners in the most popular size – 27.5″ wide x 9.5″ high.  Pricing is based on quantity and the number of colors printed on each side.  The banners are white so white is a free color.  Print just one color on one side or print 4 color process on both sides.  Absolute minimum order is 100 banners.

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Styles include Wallet, Appointment, Year-At-A-Glance, Desk, Magnetic, Wall, Pocket and Custom. Real Estate Magnetic Calendar, Magnetic Business Card Calendars, Jumbo Magnetic Calendar 4 x 6, Full Color Wallet Card – Calendar.  New calendar styles made every year. See all the new creative designs for business calendars which include:  National GeographicDrone Aerials,  Wine Vineyards,  ItalyLego Style Calendar Blocks and more.

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Logoes custom Checks Forms Envelopes

Custom forms, presentation folders, envelopes, tags or labels, LYNMAR has the printing capabilities to  support your business. Our high security checks allow for a professional image while maintaining print and paper security features to deter fraud.  Custom printed envelopes of paper or Tyvek when more security is needed.  Our checks work with over 45 different software systems for assured compatibility. See more >>

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logoed Clipboards padfolios promotional products

Full Bleed Color Executive VLP Letter size low profile clipboards with wire clip. Padfolios with zippers, handles, jr. padfolios, jotter pads. We also offer padfolios with global folder and features such as a calculator, zipper, CD holder, clip on lights in full-color, aluminum and more. Visit our clipboard & padfolio section. See more >>

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logoed Rally and Spirit promotional products

Schools and clubs find fundraising is a significant way to obtain money to help fund projects they support.  Whether is be for athletics, academic achievement, humanitarian concerns, disaster relief, human rights, research or other social issues, promotional products can help raise the needed funds. Wherever you have a crowd, they could see your logo. See more >>

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logoed Health Related promotional products

If trying to find a promotion that fits your need of a useful item as well as being helpful look no further than healthy promotions. From bandage dispensers, to CPR guides, to jar openers, to our medicine tools we have just the right health item for you. We also have cross-promotion items like night lights, lip balm, hand sanitizer all with your logo printed on them. See more >>

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logoed kitchen tools promotional products

How many are hooked to the side of your fridge or oven? Your logo could show EVERY day. This category includes: basters,cheese slicers, cookie cutters, cutting boards, food containers, ice cream scoops, jar openers, kitchen cutting mats, ladles, measuring cups, measuring spoons, oven mitts,peelers, pie and cake servers,potholders, scrapers, whisks and more. See more >>.

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logoed food baskets promotional products

Giving a gift that your clients, vendors and employees remember always makes the gift giving more fun. Drop a thank you to a favorite teacher or service provider. Cookie baskets, wooden food trucks filled with treats, popcorn tins, custom Jelly Bellies are just a few of the items we have to  fulfill your gift buying needs. Great idea for family reunions whether you attend or not. Consider brownies – they always wow the recipient.

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logoed Tradeshow displays promotional products

Trade shows and conventions are you best opportunity to meet new prospects and promotional products are the best way to lead a stampede to your booth.  Having a booth and staff is only part of the equation. It’s a lot better to give them something useful, and memorable rather than asking for their business card be dropped in the fishbowl. See more >>

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logoed Auto Automotive promotional products

Our promotional auto products include custom antenna balls, air fresheners, auto shades,bumper stickers, car wash kits, cell phone pads, CD holders, emergency kits, ice scrapers, key chains, license plate frames, oil funnels, sunglass clips, tire gauges, visor calendars, tire tape measures, and travel mugs. Get your brand on the move! See more >>

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It’s the perfect weather for health fairs, 5Ks and other senior events. Ideal to give away some special items with seniors in mind. Wheelchair totes and walker totes are some of the items we have that will make seniors’ days goes smoother. Idea for those in home health care or assisted living facilities, too. Eyeglass cloths, eyeglass repair kits,lap ropes, fleece blankets, jar openers, magnifier with light, medical info cards, pill boxes, pill cutters, and whistles.

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punchable key tags promotional products

Hottest NEW key laminated loyalty tag available in a variety of sizes. Use instead of our Original or Flexible tags.  This tag is similar to membership tags you receive from grocery stores or drugstores. Printed in 4 color process on BOTH sides with NO setup charges.  Used by auto dealers for customer loyalty programs and oil change rewards.

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Give your events, organization or company a more professional look. Great way to promote team spirit and brand. Polos, uniforms, aprons, hats, jackets. We have it all Check out our corporate clothing, logoed solutions. This is also a great way to create affordable team uniforms, school spirit shirts for jogathons where you can have sponsor logos on the back. Same for charity events – your volunteer team or to pass out, sell sponsorships for the back – endless ideas.

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state calendars

We offer ALL 50 state calendars for 2020.  Our imprinted promotional calendars are available to any commercial business or individual who wishes to purchase at least 100 calendars. Calendars are available with or without an imprint.  The size for 2020 – 10″ wide x 16″ high open and 10″ wide x 9″ high closed with drop ad. Production time is usually 2 weeks. Select any images from your state calendars to make your own regional calendar. Includes 12 images, 12 calendar grids, and a custom cover with drop-ad.

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Seasonal and Special Logoed Product Options

logoflops logoed sandals promotional products

Ever wonder where to order the “talking footstep”, a die-cut flip flop that acts as a walking billboard? Here we are – Now you can leave an impression in the sand. You may die-cut the same logo/art on both feet or choose something different for each foot. We have wedding flip flops, sand slippers, rhinestones and more. A fun party favor for a pool or beach event! More here>>

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Trading Pins promotional products

Our baseball trading pins and softball trading pins can be Cloisonné pins, die-sruck pins, photo etched pins, silk-screen pins, photographic Extras such as danglers, sliders and blinking lights available. Rush Service: 7-8 days*  Trading pins have become very popular to trade among teams at tournaments. Each player usually has between 30-40 pins to trade with the other team players.

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logoed lapel pins promotional products

Lapel pins are used as symbols of achievement and belonging to different organizations. Fraternities and sororities use lapel pins as the primary symbol for their organizations. Members wear the pins to meetings and special events to show their belonging to the organization. Lapel pins from the organization are often collected by members and non-members alike.

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Don’t forget we have ,hand sanitizers, band-aid dispensers, food gifts, and many more promotional products for you. Please look at the categories up top and let your imagination run! Pick up the phone or email us – we’ll help you come up with your event and branding solutions!

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“I have to help clients prepare for trade shows, conferences, charity events, annual meetings and I turn to every time. They make me look good with the quality of their products, ability to meet deadlines, pricing and creativity!” – Susan Finch – Susan Finch Solutions

We had a new certification program and wanted to call out those who completed the courses at our annual meeting. Lynmar helped us create beautiful lapel pins that after three years, they still wear proudly.
Crystal , NRBA
Our chapter leaders needed shirts to wear at events so volunteers could quickly find them when they had questions. We were able to get a mix of colors and sizes timely for their big season!
We just needed little things as part of a contest we ran for our subscribers… something to remind them when our show is and what our web address is that they’d keep OUT. Lynmar had several options in our budget that did what we needed.

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