Look over our large selection of most popular rally & spirit items and give us a call to discuss your own personal needs. Some of our favorite products include: rain ponchos, rallyspirit towels, retractable banners, stadium cups, megaphonespennants, seat cushions, spirit signs, foam hands, footballs, cheer poms. Don’t forget the THUNDERSTIX! Many schools and clubs find that fundraising is a significant way to obtain money to help fund projects they support.  Whether is be for athletics, academic achievement, humanitarian concerns, disaster relief, human rights, research or other social issues promotional products can help raise the needed funds.  Don’t forget those TAILGATE parties!

What better way to show your spirit than to arm your fans with these spirit and rally items. We’ll make it easy for you and narrow the list down to the must haves: megaphones, foam hands, cheering poms and seat cushions. And if you are in Oregon and Washington or wetter areas – RAIN PONCHOS! Call LYNMAR.com at 1-800-884-8095 to order a sample of your favorite rally item.

Antenna topper medical
Antenna Toppers
Bumper Stickers
Bumper Stickers
logoed Can Coolers
Can Coolers
logoed Cheering Poms
Cheering Poms
logoed Foam Hands
Foam Hands
Footballs Nerf
logoed Lollipops
logoed Megaphones
logoed Pennants
Rain Ponchos
logoed Rally - Spirit Towels
Rally – Spirit Towels
logoed Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners
logoed Seat Cushions
Seat Cushions
retractable hand banner
Spirit Signs
Sports bottle
Sports Bottles
logoed Sport Schedule Magnets
Sport Schedule Magnets
logoed Stadium Cups
Stadium Cups
logoed Thunder Stixs
Thunder Stixs

Anti-microbial pens are a perfect solution when you need to leave pens out for others to use and if they take them, they’ll have your logo. Retractable ball point pensclick action pen, Shield Buddy Grip design. Some include sanitizing sprayer and pen combo, Easy-Glide click action, chrome, plastic, desk caddies to keep it from looking as mess on your counter or desk.

In addition to the pens, we also have a wide selection of: Bandage Dispensers, CPR Guides, First Aid Kits , Hand Santizers, Hand Warming Packs, Jar Openers, Lip Balms, Medicine Tools, Medicine Spoon, Night lights, Pedometers, Pill Boxes, Pill Cutters,Sunscreen, Tube Squeezers, Dental Floss, Safety Plugs