Featured to the left is our exclusive Legal Size Padded Portfolio with wire clip. We had this custom designed to our specifications to provide you with a high quality product.  This is just one of the featured designs. We have all types of clipboards including: Aluminum – perfect for clean rooms, medical, messy places, full color clipboards with your full color message, our new clear transparent boxes, letter-sized clipboards to store easily, legal-size sports clipboards for stats and plays, memo-sized clipboards for those lists, legal-sized clipboards with any message, jotter pads for passports, ids and wallets, clipboards with clocks to help keep your notes current and accurate, oversized/landscape clipboards – perfect for inventory sheets and sign-ins at events.. We also have a full line of padfolios in many sizes with tons of features including junior padfolios to tuck away easily, padfolios to hold everything in one place. Our padfolios now come in LEGAL SIZE as well as letter size. Our main site, Clipboards Direct will handle your orders and give you more details. Call LYNMAR.com at 1-800-884-8095 to order a sample.

wire clip folder
NEW Powder Coated Clipboards
New Custom Clipboards
clipboards and padfolios
clipboards and padfolios
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Jotter Note Pad
clipboards and padfolios
clipboards and journal books

Full Color Boards:

428FC Memo Size Wire Clip, 623FC – Letter Size w/ Plastic Clip, 427FC Letter Size w/ Wire Clip, 626FC Legal Size w/ Plastic Clip, 429FC Legal Size w/ Wire Clip

Aluminum Clipboards:

00213 – Memo Size Box, 11025 – Desktop with Calculator, 13031 – Sheet Holder – Privacy, 21017 – Cruiser Mate Desktop, 21118 – Cruiser Mate Letter Size, 21119 – Cruiser Mate Legal Size, 22017 – Privacy Portfolio, 11017/19 – Portable Desktop, 21510/17/11 – Low Profile Clip, 11517/19 – Serrated Clip, 22517/19 – Standard 6″ Clip, LYMT17 – Aluminum Privacy Cover

Recycled Clipboards:

NEW! Recycled Letter Size, NEW! Recycled Jumbo Clip Letter Size, KKM8512 – 6″ Clip, Plastic Board – Low Profile Clip

Letter Sized Clipboards:

8210 – Letter Size Clipboard, CB913 – Contour Board (New), CB912 – Square Clip, CB912X – Jumbo Rectangle Clip, CB912OV – Oval Clip, CB912RT – Round Top Clip, CB915 – Transparent Board – 4″ Clip, CB915OV – Transparent Oval, CB915RT – Transparent Round Top, CB915X – Transparent Board – JC, DPCB913 – Digital Contour Board, DPCB914 – Low Profile/Digital Print, HPC – Clear Insert Clipboard, HBX4WC – Storage Box, H4DPCK – Power/Calc/Clock Clip, H4LT – Flex Light Clip, H4MC – Metal Clip, H4RC-CK – Clock Clip, H4RSB – Power/Calculator Clip, H4RC – Rectangle Clip,H4SB- Sports Board, H4SC – Square Clip, H4WC – Wire Clip, 2750 – Bag Clip w/ Pen Holder, SH-702 – Clipboard Calculator, Clipboard Box w/ Calculator, H4 – Stock Shaped Clip, 8102 – With Wire Clip,200EXE – Leather Clipboard, 423 Letter Size Clipboards

Legal Sized Clipboards:

H2RC-CK – Clock Clip, H2LT – Flex Light Clip, CB914 – Low Profile Boards, CB916 – Standard Legal Clipboard, CB916X – Jumbo Clip, CB916XS – Sports Board, CB17 – Contour Legal Clipboard,DPCB914 – Low Profile/Digital Print, H2MC – Metal Clip, H2RSB – Power/Calculator Clip, H2DPCK – Power/Calc/Clock Clip, H2RC – Rectangle Clip, H2SC – Square Clip, H2SB – Sports Board, H2 – Stock Shaped Clip, H2WC – Wire Clip, DPCB917 Legal Size w/Digital Imprint

Memo Sized Clipboards:

CB69 – Rectangle Clip, H6RC – Plastic Clip, H6WC – Wire Clip

Oversized & Odd Sizes Clipboards

440 Oversized Ledger 12″ x 18″ NEW, 421 Horizontal (Landscape) 12 x 11.5

Padfolios: Letter Size

H14DFP -Deluxe Plus, H14DFPD Deluxe Padfolio Color Stripe, H14DFPP- Deluxe w/ Exter. Pocket, H14DFPC – Deluxe w/ Calculator, H14DFPZ – Deluxe w/ Zipper, H14EFPZ – Elite Padfolio w/ Zipper,H14PCZ – Cal, USB, Pocket & Zipper, H14HPCZ – Horizon Cal-Zipper-USB, H14DFPN – Deluxe w/ Spiral Notebook, H14WCF – Padded Wire Clip Folder

Padfolios – Memo/Junior

H16JDF – Junior Deluxe Padfolio

Padfolios – Ring Binders Style

H14DFPB – 1/2″ – 3 Ring Binder, H10PC-RETR 1″ Ring Retract Handle, H12DFPB – 1″ – 3 Rings w/ Zipper, H10BCZ – 1″ -3 Ring/Calc/Zipper

Padfolios: Legal Size

H16WCF – Legal Wire Clip Folder

Jotter Pads:

H18JP – Jotter Pad,   H18JPC – Jotter Pad w/ Calculator