Trade shows and conventions are you best opportunity to meet new prospects and promotional products are the best way to lead a stampede to your booth.  Having a booth and staff is only part of the equation.  Promotional products are the key ingredient that brings the crowds in and allows you to get the conversation going.  Having fun and useful giveaways such as blinking buttons, balloons, chocolate coins, bag clips, sports bottles and Frisbees, are always winners.

We also have items to help you run your booth and keep track of your attendees: Badge holders, breath strips, luggage tags, lanyards, plastic bags, table skirts, wrapped candies andmints.

logoed Badge Holders
Badge Holders
logoed Bag Clips
Bag Clips
logoed Balloons - Laytex
Balloons – Latex
logoed Breath Strips
Breath Strips
logoed Breath Mint Tins
Breath Mints
logoed Business Card Magnets
Business Card Magnets
logoed Chocolate Coins
Chocolate Coins
Lighted button with LED
Flashing Buttons
logoed Frisbees
logoed Lanyards
logoed Letter Openers - Plastic
Letter Openers
logoed Luggage Tags
Luggage Tags
logoed Mousepads
Mouse Pads
logoed Pencils
giraffe design grip
Pens – Giraffe
Pens – Hub
logoed Plastic Bags
Plastic Bags
logoed Pocket Mirrors
Pocket Mirrors
Sports bottle
Sports Bottles
logoed Table Skirts
Table Skirts
logoed Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos
logoed Wrapped Candy & Mints
Wrapped Candies & Mints