What is something that people will keep around and use for years? How often do you use a spatula? How about that whisk? Pizza anyone? That’s right, kitchen tools from pizza cutters to jar openers. We use them at home, in the office kitchen, when we go to a family gathering or picnic. Friends, relatives, coworkers see them. It’s a great way to get your message, company name and logo into the hands of your customers and potential customers – daily!

Some of our favorites include: cheese slicers – easy for kids to use, cookie cutters, cutting boards, pie and cake servers – we like leaving these as gifts for friends, pot holders for the kitchen and our trailer, oven mitts due to regular casualties with “too close flames”, and tongs.

logoed Basters
logoed BBQ Tools
BBQ Tools
logoed Cheese Slicers
Cheese Slicers
logoed Cookie Cutters
Cookie Cutters
logoed Cutting Boards
Cutting Boards
logoed Food Containers
Food Containers
logoed Ice Cream Scoops
Ice Cream Scoops
logoed Jar Openers and Bottle Openers
Jar Openers
Flexible Cutting Mats
Kitchen Cutting Mats
logoed Ladles
logoed Measuring Cups
Measuring Cups
logoed Measuring Spoons
Measuring Spoons
logoed Oven Mitts
Oven Mitts
logoed Peelers
logoed Pie and Cake Servers
Pie and Cake Servers
logoed Pizza Cutters
Pizza Cutters
logoed Scrapers
logoed Spaghetti Tools
Spaghetti Tools
logoed Spatulas
logoed Strainers
logoed Tongs
logoed Wine Bottle Openers
Wine Bottle Openers