Health fairs, senior center openings and other events are the perfect place for these promotional products.

Seniors and those requiring home health care or extended care may benefit from these items: wheelchair / walker tote bags, medical information cards, pill cutters, jar openers, eye glass cloths, pill package openers, and lap blankets. Logo items, corporate gifts, trade-show giveaways, team and club items. Call at 1-800-884-8095 to order a sample.

logoed Eye Glass Cloth
Eye Glass Cloth
logoed Eyeglass Repair Kit
Eye Glass Repair Kit
logoed Fleece Blanket
Fleece Blanket
logoed Jar Openers
Jar Openers
logoed Magnifiers with Light
Magnifiers with Light
logoed Medical Information Cards
Medical Information Cards
logoed Pill Boxes
Pill Boxes
logoed Pill Cutters
Pill Cutters
Pill Package Openers
logoed Playing Cards
Playing Cards
logoed Wheelchair and Walker Totes
Wheelchair and Walker Totes

Senior items such a wheelchair and walker totes are also helpful for those who are cared for in the home by home healthcare workers or who live in assisted living facilities. Those with special needs can benefit from most of these same products.