Healthy Promotions Main ImageIf trying to find a promotion that fits your need of a useful item as well as being helpful? Look no further than healthy promotions.  From bandage dispensers, to CPR guides, to jar openers, to our medicine tools we have just the right health item for you.

Events that encourage people to get active, a reminder to an audience that is very active may very much appreciate a small bandage dispenser, hand santizer, sunscreen , a first aid kit or lip balm. Think about events related to seniors or children – think SANITIZE. Very few mothers don’t have some little bottle of the magic elixir to clean up their favorite short people or themselves. Why not have your message on it each time they use it?

What about every day health maintenance – items such as pill boxes, pill cutters, tube squeezers, dental floss? Those are all handy items and people keep them around a long time.

logoed anti-microbial pens
health logoed Bandage Dispensers
logoed CPR Guides
health logoed First Aid Kits
health logoed Hand Sanitizers
health logoed Hand Warming Packs
health logoed Jar Openers
logoed Lip Balms
health logoed Hand Warming Packs
health logoed Medicine Spoon
health logoed Night Lights
logoed Pedometers
health logoed Pill Boxes
health logoed pill cutters
health logoed Sunscreen
health logoed Tube Squeezers
health logoed Dental Floss
logoed Safety Plugs

Anti-microbial pens are a perfect solution when you need to leave pens out for others to use, and if they take them, they’ll have your logo. Retractable ball point pensclick action pen, Shield Buddy Grip design. Some include sanitizing sprayer and pen combo, Easy-Glide click action, chrome, plastic, desk caddies to keep it from looking a mess on your counter or desk.

In addition to the pens, we also have a wide selection of: Bandage Dispensers, CPR Guides, First Aid Kits , Hand Santizers, Hand Warming Packs, Jar Openers, Lip Balms, Medicine Tools, Medicine Spoons, Night lights, Pedometers, Pill Boxes, Pill CuttersSunscreen, Tube Squeezers, Dental Floss, Safety Plugs