LYNMAR Enterprises, Inc. accepts a variety of artwork formats via email. Simply attach your artwork to your email message and send it to us for review. We accept the following artwork files: Note: we are PC based and cannot view most Mac only based graphic files.

Electronic formats

  • Encapsulated PostScript – .eps (PC or MAC)
  • Adobe Illustrator® Creative Cloud – .ai (PC) – convert fonts to outlines
  • Corel Draw® X6 or earlier .cdr (PC) – convert fonts to curves
  • Photoshop® CS6
  • Publisher
  • Tagged Image File Format – .tif (PC) or .tiff (MAC)
  • Adobe PDF’s if it is an editable file and fonts converted to outlines

File sizes greater than 20 megs should be compressed. Large files can be sent using a file transfer program. Convert all fonts to outlines.

Please be sure to attach your file(s) to your email message before sending. Send your artwork file to Be sure to include your name, phone number and what program the artwork was created in.

Artwork files that are not camera ready will be subject to a minimum $10.00 conversion fee to make them camera ready. Cost depends on size and complexity of design. Most artwork that is faxed or sent as jpg’s, gif’s or as low resolution images will be subject to the artwork conversion fee. Conversion will produce high quality images suitable for imprinting.

Viewing formats

We can also view Microsoft Word, MS Publisher. Please try to create or export your files to one of the accepted electronic formats above.

Paper art

  • Camera-ready art must be provided.
  • If the art is black and white, the output you provide us must be at least 600 dpi or better.
  • If the art is multicolored, please provide us with color separations as well as with a composite. Separations must be done in Black & White.

If your art includes screens or fades, please contact LYNMAR for instructions.
Got a question? Please call us at 800-884-8095.